Vivarium Movie Review

By Felicia Webster

Vivarium is a 2019 Sci-fi/ Mystery, directed by Lorcan Finnegan. Starring Jesse Eisenberg and Imogen Poots.

A couple looks for a new place to call home, then suddenly get stuck in a maze and the unthinkable starts to happen. Imagine finding what looks to be the perfect place, it’s cozy, quiet and it seems ideal for starting a family. Gemma and Tom’s relationship didn’t seem to meet eye-to-eye on many things, in fact it seemed like Tom was persuaded into choosing the mysterious home. I like a good mystery, but I didn’t know the movie would go in the direction that leaves you questioning the whole point of it all. When I realized they were in a situation they couldn’t get out of, I’m glad Tom started to question everything around them. Gemma seemed to be more acceptable to the weirdness early on, then she finally starts to come around. The boy was the creepiest part of the film until more is revealed about his whole purpose of being there. It’s one thing to find yourself in a maze that you can’t get out of but it’s another thing to play by the boy’s rules to get answers. This movie scared me in a way because neither of them knew their faith in the end. It puts you on edge not knowing what to expect with a high sense of anticipation. You go from seeing a perfectly normal couple living in a state of normalcy to becoming a part of horror they can’t escape. I like the movie, it was a little scary and unexplainable in the end, however it keeps you. The younger boy, played by Sean Jennings, did really good in the role play of his character. The visual and special effects are perfect for the movie as it enhanced the creature features we didn’t expect. Vivarium is free on Amazon Prime Video.

I give this movie 4/5 🍵🍵🍵🍵

The New Mutants Movie Review

By Felicia Webster

The New Mutants is a 2020 film directed by Josh Boone. Starring Anya Taylor Joy, Charlie Heaton and Alice Braga.

Due to the pandemic the movie has been pushed back a couple of times. 5 teenage Mutants are held against their will at a secluded facility in the wilderness. I take it movie stems from The X Men franchise, which I was excited about. However, even though the story gives a little background of the characters, it’s seemed like it was missing a lot to go on. The characters in the movie work well for the roles, and I really like their chemistry. There are some things from their past that comes back to haunt them and they have to learn how to get rid of it using their powers. Each character has a story to tell but I felt that Anya Taylor Joy’s past (Magik) was a bit too unrealistic and it over threw the movie. The ending also confused me, we see things happening that they defeated but what was the sole purpose of it all. The story itself left me with a lot of questions in the end but the acting was really good. Hopefully there’s a sequel that explains more of their purpose, I feel like this extension of the X-Men franchise will be a hit in years to come.

I give this movie 3/5 🍵🍵🍵

Is The Best Man trilogy coming soon to theaters?…

By Felicia Webster

The Best Man directed by Malcolm D Lee, debuted 21 years ago in theaters. Followed by the sequel, The Best Man Holiday 2013, also directed by Lee. The first film told the story of seven college friends who reunites then a secret is revealed that could ruin a long-term friendship. I really enjoyed part 1, it was a lot of fun and the characters worked perfectly for the movie. They had a lot of chemistry which helped the story make sense.

Part one was good but the second told a different story. It pointed the obvious bitter tone between Morris Chestnut (Lance) and Taye Diggs (Harper). TBMH portrayed the struggles of forgiveness, faith, strength and love. We see them all display their flaws and short comings to growing into the best version of themselves. The movie is so good that there’s talks of a third installment on the way, and I can’t wait!!

I give pt 1 4/5 🍵🍵🍵🍵

and pt 2 5/5 🍵🍵🍵🍵🍵

Netflix’s Ratched

By Felicia Webster

Ratched on Netflix is created by Ryan Murphy and Evan Romansky. The show is in it’s first season, airing 8 episodes.

The story takes place in the mid 1940s as a nurse lands a jobs at a psychiatric hospital. Her plans are to reunite with her brother, who’ll be staying there for treatment, while he serves a life sentence in jail. Sarah Paulson (Nurse Ratched) was a perfect fit for the character. The series tell so many stories and she worked her way throughout the whole storyline without skipping a beat. She portrayed someone who’s determined to get what she wants at all costs. The history of her and her brother doesn’t excuse their motives, but it makes you feel sorry for them. Nurse Ratched appears to be compassionate, but also calculated and deceiving. I don’t want to give any spoilers, but I will say I was glued to every episode in Season 1 and looking forward to Season 2.

5 Highly emotional scenes from Hereditary 🍵

By Felicia Webster

I am sure by now most of us have seen Ari Aster’s chilling film, Hereditary. The movie isn’t just your typical horror film, it gets much deeper, and it’s full of emotion. Here are 5 highly emotional scenes from the 2018 epic horror film.

1. In the beginning of the film, there’s a horrific accident. If Annie’s crying scene doesn’t bring you to tears, nothing will.

2. Again, she delivers a powerful performance just by expressing her pain at the burial site.

3. After struggling to deal with death, in this scene she desperately reaches out for comfort and acceptance. The moment she breaks down you feel for her and understand her reasoning.

4. After making an unexpected discovery, she invites her family to witness her experience. Unfortunately things only gets worse, causing her son Peter to historically break down in tears.

5. In this scene Annie decides to do away with whatever is bringing negative energy into their family. The way she pleads with Steve, expressed just how much she just wants understanding and peace of mind.

Hereditary is one of the top favorites horror films of 2018. If you haven’t checked it out it is definitely MUST SEE!

Antebellum Redbox Movie Review

By Felicia Webster

Antebellum is a 2020 horror,thriller directed by Gerald Bush and Christopher Renz. Starring Janelle Monte, Jena Malone, and Marque Richardson.

About the movie: A woman has flashbacks of her past life, as a runaway slave. Janelle Monte (Eden) a slave in her past life, but in her present life she finds herself back in time, enduring the abuse she and other slaves went through. I have seen so many slave movies, and it’s like, if you seen one, you’ve seen them all..but this film was a bit different, it remind me a lot of Django In Chains. It gets straight to the point, it’s very raw and uncut, it also portrays very gruesome and wicked behaviors of slave catchers. Some of the scenes were a little too over the top, but not so much to say the movie flat out sucks. There are some parts of the movie that are good. However, I’ll pass on the fantasy, revenge, slavery type movie. I’m not intrested in the what ifs. Based on the bad headline reviews, I didn’t really feel like I was late to watch this movie. I rented it on DVD a month after it’s release because I refused to pay 20 bucks for the rental when it first came out. The acting was good til it wasn’t, make up and costumes were nicely done. The movie itself lasted way too long, and if anything, it should have went straight to Redbox. It is not a horror film, but more like fantasy, thriller, and it is definitely worth the wait.

I give this movie 2.5 /5 🍵🍵

Come Play Movie Review, Spoilers

By Felicia Webster

Come Play is a 2020 horror film directed by Jacob Chase. Starring Azhy Roberson, Gillian Jacobs and Winslow Fegley.

A couple are on the verge of splitting while raising their artistic son who’s gone mute. The moment the trailer dropped for this film it showed a bit too much, so you already knew what to expect. The movie is pretty predictable however, I like the story. (Oliver) is a lonely little boy who has a hard time making friends because of his differences. He opens an app that introduced him to a monster who’s desperate to befriend him. Apparently the monster attracts children who suffers from sadness and loneliness. Once the monster gets ahold of who he wants, it takes them far away to the unknown. Judging by the ending, there could be a sequel, if not I’m a little confused about the direction the movie took at the end. I liked the story but there is a lot of bad acting from the adults in the film. The child actors did a really good job, in fact they made the movie most interesting to watch. The whole SpongeBob thing didn’t really work for this film. It seemed corny and didn’t make much sense to the story itself. The visual and creepy sound effects were really good for this film. There’s a lot of unexpected jump scares which is always a good thing for horror. Certain scenes were very edgy and intense and I really enjoyed the scare. I like the movie, and eventhough there are few takeaways, I can definitely recommend it for a night out at the movies.

I give this movie 4/5 🍵🍵🍵🍵

Movie and Streaming Show News 🍵

By Felicia Webster

Well it’s been rumored that Netflix’s, Stranger Things Season 4 is coming back soon. It’s clear that the pandemic has thrown off many productions, causing delays in a new season release. I heard a mention today that they’re currently filming in Atlanta, Georgia, so there’s still really no definite premiere date. One thing I know for sure, ST4 will be one of the most highly anticipated series premieres on Netflix, and we can’t wait for it’s huge return.

In other news, there’s still no new updates on Black Panther 2. After suddenly losing Chadwick Boseman few months ago due to colon cancer, I sure hope we get to see him in the sequel, even if it’s just a portion of the film. For me personally, it gives closure knowing that he gave us the gift of seeing him on screen one more time. He was such a real life hero to many, especially children, and he gave hope to the future of humanity. The next Actor who plays BP, not only has of huge role to fill, but he’ll also be expected to carry the torch for someone we will never forget.

The Queen’s Gambit, Netflix Series 🍵

By Felicia Webster

The Queen’s Gambit is a Netflix series directed by Scott Franklin, starring Anya Taylor- Joy, Harry Melling and Moses Ingram.

A young girl survives a car accident and and becomes an orphan after her mother died. Going into this series I didn’t know what to expect, but I was very impressed through each episode. The young Beth Harmon was really good at playing a little girl whose life took a sudden turn for the unexpected. While in an orphanage, she befriends the janitor who eventually teaches her how to play chess. An innocent moment became her passion, and she became one of the best in the game. I like the flashbacks throughout the story, it shed light on alot of things that defined Beth ( Anya Taylor-Joy). We see her slowly transition from a very clever little girl into an intellectual young woman. Eventhough she had her share of heartaches, she expressed very little emotions. She seemed to be very strong and determined, she’s elegant and straight forward. The game of chess was her whole life, she even studied, and she was serious. Winning the game became her main priority, and that’s when we started to see a more arrogant side of her. She continually mastered her ability to win the game which offered her great opportunities. But, there’s also a stubborn, and overly confident side of her that ultimately made her humble herself. She had a bad habit of doing things that she was accustomed to since foster care. Luckily, she developed healthy relationships with those who had good intentions for her lifestyle. I really enjoyed this series, but I don’t think they’ll be a season 2. I personally don’t see the purpose of an upcoming new season. This series alone was good enough to be a movie, and I recommend it as a must see.

Poltergeist 82′ and Halloween H2O soundtrack 🍵

By Felicia Webster

Musical soundtracks in horror films plays a big part in the suspense. Real horror film fanatics can easily point out similarities between films. In Poltergeist, the 1982 version, notice the scene when the Freelings family leaves their haunted house for good. The intensity in the musical score is very similar in comparison to that one in Halloween H2O.

In the 1960 horror classic Psycho, the music score in Marion Crane’s driving scene, is the exact same tune played in Halloween H2O. Another fun fact, Marion (Janet Leigh) plays the school’s secretary Norma Watson, she drives the same car she drove in Psycho.