How To Brown A Roasted Turkey In An Electric Roaster [Holiday Meal Blog]

Imagine the worst thing happening on the eve of Thanksgiving. While shopping for last minute preparations, I get a call from my daughter that the oven had stopped working. The first thing came to mind was the turkey, as I immediately begin to panic, wondering what do I do now!

What is Thanksgiving without turkey. Ham or pot roast normally comes second to the main coarse but I just couldn’t imagine Thanksgiving without the turkey. I went on the internet to look up a last minute resolution and ran across a site on How to bake a turkey in a roaster.

I read the how to information but it didn’t solve my issue. Everything I read instructed how to bake in a oven roaster. I just knew there had to be another way, so I looked up videos on different ways to bake a turkey and I ran across an electric roaster.

What a sigh of relief! And a shock to myself that I hadn’t thought of this in the first place. I had never baked in a oven roaster, let alone an electric roaster. I went out and bought an all black electric roaster for under $20! I came home, cleaned it really good for it’s first use and looked up more videos on how to bake a turkey in an electric roaster.


How to brown a roasted an electric roaster.

Soy sauce!!! Soy sauce is one of the best ways to brown a oven roasted turkey. I used a large medal spoon to spread the sauce. Some people might use a brush but I’m little cautious that bristles might get on the turkey, so I’m sticking to the spoon method. The Soy sauce I used has seeds. I suggest if you don’t want seedy finish on your Turkey to make sure you’re buying the non seeded soy or maybe even save your unused soy sauce packs from Chinese restaurant meals. I’ve done that in the past as well. I saused my Turkey about 3 times within the 5 1/2 hours it cooked. I must say, it works everytime!

I had never roasted a turkey in an electric roaster..but since the internet has been my number source and my friend, I thought why not look up turkey roasting ideas. I learned to keep in mind that when baking in an electric roaster, be mindful of the temperature. When using an electric roaster, there’s no time for trial and error.. foods will either come out nicely done, overcooked or dried out, for example vegetables and of course worse case scenario, burned.

* Reminder* Keep an eye on the temperature. I came across a lot of videos of people who burned their turkey to a crisp because they had their roaster on a high temperature setting and cooked the Turkey for almost 6 hours! An electric roaster does not have to be set on a high temperature throughout the period of cooking, however I recommend pre heating at 350゚ but during the duration of cooking the roaster should remain on a minimum of 200 to 250. My turkey roasted in the electric roaster on 200° for 3 hours and 250° for 2 hours.

Depending on the amount of lbs your turkey weighs, depends on the amount of time it should bake or roast. If yout turkey weighs 20 lbs and you’re baking in an conventional oven, I recommend a temperature of 325° for 4 1/2 to 5 1/5 hours. For an electric roaster I recommend a temperature of 225° for 3 1/2 then set your temperature on 250 to 300°. Remember to be mindful of foods in a roaster. If neglected too long you could cause your food to burn quicker than you think.

I hope you all have a safe wonderful Thanksgiving! Stay tuned for more meal blogs in the near future.

A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood Movie Review [Spoilers]

By Felicia Webster

Let me start off by saying A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood is not a biopic of Fred Rogers but the story of his new found friendship with journalist Lloyd Vogel, played by Matthew Rhys. Lloyd was given an assignment for Esquire Magazine to interview child entertainer, Fred Rogers of Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood.

Judging by his material Lloyd is not much of a people person and and has had a difficult time establishing a good relationship with his father after the passing of his mother. When Lloyd first heard that he’ll be interviewing Mister Rogers, he wasn’t too thrilled. Being that Mister Rogers is known for his gentle and kind- heartedness, it didn’t take very long before he begin to grow on Lloyd.

Mr. Rogers had a gentleness about him that touched the hearts of many, myself included. I watched Mister Rogers’ Neighborhood faithfully as a child, never missed an episode. I used to fantasize being in the moment. Whether young or old he had a gift of making you feel apart of the journey through television.

This movie could put Tom Hanks on the highest level of performance as Mr. Rogers. His ability to characterize someone of his caliber speaks volumes. He didn’t necessarily have to mimic everything Fred Rogers but the spirit of him easily stood out in his performance.

Throughout the movie Mr. Rogers teaches Llyod how to forgive. It’s clear how broken he is and how it had taken a toll on his family. He taught Lloyd how to be patient, kind, open minded and how to forgive his father for abandoning him and his mother on her death bed. By the end of the movie Lloyd made peace with his father as they both expressed love for one another.

I highly recommend this movie as a must see. I really enjoyed it, It’s what the world needs more of. Thanks for reading and stay tuned for more reviews!

American Son |2019 Netflix Movie| SPOILER RECAP AND REVIEW

By Felicia Webster

Netflix’s American Son, written by Demos- Brown and directed by Kenny Leon, released in the US on November 1, 2019 is a movie about a boy who’s parents are worried that he might be missing. The couple meets up in a Florida police station to file a missing person’s report and in the meantime blame each other for their son’s bad decision making. Kerry Washington plays Kendra Connor and is married but separated to husband Scott Connor played by Steven Pasquale.

The entire movie is filmed in one dimmed lighted room during a stormy night. The movie depicts a story of a young man who maybe victim to a shooting incident by a cop after a traffic stop with his friends. The couple’s son is never seen in the movie, however there is a video circling the internet of him during the time he and his friends were stopped by police. During the time the couple waits to hear if their son is okay or not they begin to blame each other for their lack of good parenting.

The cop at the station who keeps them informed shows a lack of sympathy and a lot of ignorance towards the situation. In fact he only made matters worse as tensions rise between Kendra and Steven. Soon as the lieutenant came in to shed more light on the their son’s where a bouts a heated exchange took place between Steven and the detective leading him to a holding cell until he cools down. Kendra became even more frustrated and confused as to why it’s taking so long for them to find her son. She became irritant and impatient as she expressed her anger during a back and forth with the lieutenant.

She thought if she use the “race card” on him she woud get a quicker response that satisfied her curiosity. During their argument the lieutenant didn’t hesitate to give Kendra a lesson in reality whether she wanted to accept it or not. He let her know that it’s not always easy being his position and no matter what prejudices he face he’ll never forget where he comes from and strongly suggested she do the same. She became defensive and unapologetic as to why her and Steven raised their son they way they did. The lieutenant let her know that no matter how well you’re think you are doing by your kids they are still going to do as they please.


Once Steven was allowed to back into the waiting area with Kendra they learned that their son had in fact been shot in that traffic stop and to make matters worse he had also put a bumper sticker on the back of his car that says “Shoot Cops”. Once the detective came in to deliver the targic news about their son Kendra immediately lost it along with Steven who sat in disbelief.


In my opinion this story wanted to shed light on the unthinkable and unimaginable of cop shootings. Even so it still doesn’t change the reality of statistics. During the exchange between Kendra and the Lt. John Stokes, played by an African American actor Eugene Lee, she learned that not all police shooting are by the hands of white cops. There are cases of young blacks being killed by the hands of black cops but the chances are slim when it comes to white cops killing blacks.

There has always been this false perception of blacks being a threat in any situation that involves a shooting. This is a story that needed to be told even though it isn’t true it happens most of the time. I did find it to be interesting with there being an interracial couple facing such a devastating loss. Unfortunately society has almost become numb to these tragedies and temporary outrage is due to the lack of change in police and citizen relations. Kerry’s performance moved me and kept me at the same time. The curiosity of knowing what’s to come kept me on edge. I felt her worry and deeply sympathized with her pain. Even though this movie was shot in one room, I give it a 4 out of 5 stars all on the strength of Kerry’s performance alone.

Thank you all for reading and stay tuned for more reviews!

Doctor Sleep, Movie Review

By, Felicia Webster

I was kind of skeptical about seeing this movie. What I seen on the trailer just wasn’t working for me. I woke up this morning and decided to go see it anyway. Doctor Sleep, directed by Mike Flanagan is the sequel to Stanley Kubrick’s 1980, The Shining.

Doctor Sleep highlights the life of Danny Torrance as an adult thirty years after he and his mother barely escaped his abusive father Jack Torrance played by Jack Nicholson. Danny is haunted by his past and copes with his demons through alcohol addiction. I found it quite interesting that the movie depicts him with his child hood friend who we see throughout the movie.

The movie also displays Danny’s gift of clairvoyance which helps him and others along the way once he begins sobriety. Ewan McGreggor plays Danny Torrance and does an exceptional job. Although he’s been in films I mostly know him from Netflix’s Fargo. Aside from the Fargo, we get to McGreggor in the upcoming film Birds of Prey. which hits theaters in February in 2020.

Doctor Sleep, rated R, is a Fantasy, Thriller, running 2 hours and 31 minutes. What’s described as fantasy could fit into the horror genre as well. I really enjoyed this movie more than I thought I would. Although it’s running time is a bit lengthy, it kept me from beginning to end and never a dull moment. I give this movie 5 out of 5 stars and a grade A.

Harriet, Spoiler Movie Review

By, Felicia Webster

Motion picture film, Harriet, based on the life of Harriet Tubman, hit theaters November 1,2019. Directed by Kasi Lemmons, who’s also known for Eve’ s Bayou. Harriet Tubman was known to run an underground railroad which lead slaves to a life of freedom. Way overdue film finally hit the big screen leaving behind mixed reviews. There are so many mixed reviews from trailer reactions I decided to do my own. Based on the trailer alone, I really wasn’t too hyped this film.

I didn’t let any doubts stop me from giving the movie a chance. This movie portrays slavery as something people were comfortable with and Harriet seemed way too bold from beginning to end. The only genuine thing about it all is the fact that slavery did happen but so much of this movie is far from the truth. In the first scene Harriet and her husband has gotten a lawyer to protect their unborn children from slavery. Once she presents legal paperwork to her slave master’s father he immediately shreds it to pieces and reminded her that she’ll always be a slave along with her unborn and her unborn’s children as well.

Based on what we were taught about how slaves were treated, slaves weren’t allowed to read and write let alone seek legal advice. Harriet’s mother immediately lost it on the master for denying Harriet’s request. There was zero chance a slave would be so bold to go before a master especially giving the fact that they weren’t already free. So much about this movie isn’t convincing enough starting with Harriet’s vision and how they portrayed her to have such a close connection to God that clairvoyance is what got her through obstacles.

Harriet’s character in the movie seemed a bit super hero-ish which took away from the realness of slavery. The rated PG version of Harriet’s story painted a different picture of what really happened during slavery time in hopes to make audiences of all ages feel comfortable. If you’re expecting to see the mistreatment and suffering you won’t see it in this film. The movie gives a false perception of Harriet based on her psychic abilities. I feel it’s in bad taste to create a fictitious story line.

Harriet’s journey to free slaves included a new found acquaintance with William Still. What the two put together seemed superficial and forced. They showed no chemistry between each other which questions his sudden interest in helping her maneuver to and from Maryland to Philadelphia. Marie Buchanan, played by Janelle Monae is a made up character who taught Harriet how to properly conduct herself throughout the rest of the movie. She’s savagely beaten by an African American bounty hunter for not giving up the whereabouts of Harriet.

There’s been a lot of backlash about this movie and it’s watered down version of whose known to be an iconic figure in history. We could’ve done without this particular story of Harriet. Something like this for the sake of entertainment is highly unnecessary. In my humble opinion, I see this movie an an insult to history. The ending of the movie seemed rushed just to make sure they didn’t leave anything out. The last minutes of caption should’ve been the movie itself.

” Joker” Movie Review w/Spoilers..”Arthur Fleck”

By Felicia Webster

Joker, action,psychological,drama, directed by Todd Phillips and screenplay by Scott Silver. Released in theaters on October 4, runs 2 hours and 2 minutes. Joaquin Phoenix plays Arthur Fleck, a fun loving yet mentally disturbed man who works as a clown and also holds advertising signs. He lives in a ran down apartment complex with his sick mother whom he cares for. Gotham City, has had a spike in crime and sadly, Arthur falls victim to the city’s latest attacks.

Life has been everything but happy for Arthur and soon things will only get worse. His pay is barely enough to keep his head above water which contributes a lot to his depression. He has a passion to make people smile and hopes to be a comedian someday. Throughout the movie you’ll see a charismatic side of him that interacts with children of all ages, which is usually frowned upon. There’s a deep sadness within him that sometimes causes him to suddenly burst out laughing.

The Laugh-

In the movie, Arthur suffers from a uncontrollable condition called Pseudobulbar affect, that causes him to laugh at any random moment. As explained in the movie, the laugher is total opposite of the pain he feels inside. It just so happens to come out in a way of making him seem hysterically happy. Should he have an outburst in public, he has a card on him, explaining his condition. He visits a therapist provided to him by the state’s social services. He smokes, to help calm his nerves and he loves to dance. His therapist advised him to keep up with journal, which he has filled with stand up comedy jokes.

Anti depressants are said to have side effects that consists of insomnia and blurred vision, just to name a few. It explains a scene where Arthur is upset at his mother and it shows when he has blurred vision in that moment. He also had little to no appetite at all til you can see his rib cage. Phoenix loss a tremendous amount of weight to fit the character. There’s a deep sadness in him as you would see him tear up and even try to make himself smile from time to time.

I like how they took their time to build the character for this movie. His depression really begin to set in after he was fired for accidentally dropping a gun out of his pocket that he and gotten from a guy he work with. After losing a job from what he loved to do like performing for sick children, we started to see a more dark side of him. Funds were cut which prevented him from getting his medicine. Desperate to find work and do stand up, he fell into a really bad head space.

On the train ride home after being fired. Once again he was harassed and beaten by three self entitled fools. This time he’d had enough of dealing with that type of treatment from people. He didn’t hesitate to kill them all. The way he made sure they were all dead showed how powerful he felt in that moment.


Arthur is often misunderstood and comes off as a weirdo. You’ll see this in the beginning of the movie on the bus ride scene when a mother ask him to stop bothering her son. That particular scene was the first time he showed us how much he cared about the feeling of others. His neighbor and her daughter took the elevator with him up to their apartment. On the way up he makes funny faces at her daughter that was misunderstood for him being a threat. Some of the guys are flat out jerks who makes fun of him just for being just who he is. He has a quiet side to him and often struggles to be happy. Again, his laughter is often mistaken for happiness when he’s really expressing hurt and pain.

Narcissistic Personality-

Narcissistic personality is a real mental disorder. What’s great about this movie is that the director wasn’t afraid to give us a real and raw true image of mental illness. The back story to Arthur’s mother was far more than we expected. I mean we knew something is wrong with her but she made it difficult to pinpoint being that she was fully capable of caring for herself. It makes you question her physical ability from one moment to the next. His mother had been manipulating him for the longest. She had him under mind control. He thought he had to stay with her but she was only using him.

Life long Deception and heartache-

The fact that narcissists are incapable of showing empathy, explained the sympathetic and emotional disconnect between the two of them. His mother never showed love and affection towards him. However, she was determined and certain to rekindle a relationship with someone who she hadn’t spoken to in 30 years. Strangely enough, being delusional and desperate to speak to him again, she wrote a letter and urged Arthur to mail it off. He himself also seemed a little delusional by the way he fantasized of having a relationship with the neighbor.

Even though you’re first mind tells you, no way she’d go with him. By the time you realize it was all in his head you’ll start to feel bad for him. I even wanted to tweet her in the middle of the movie and say, if it were real life, I would say thank you for loving him. At that point it became upsetting at the fact that no one loved him. Joaquinn Phoenix really put on an amazing performance playing the the character Arthur Fleck. The remorse he felt wasn’t taken serious which brought him back to a place of not giving a care.

The Joker –

The turning point of this film came in perfect timing. Arthur learned that his father is a well known politician who his mother had worked with all those years ago. He was furious that she had kept his father a secret for so long. He found out where the man lived and learned that his mother was mentally ill and had lied about Arthur’s real father. Heartbroken yet again Arthur was then told get lost and don’t come back. His anger got the best of him after being taunted for having a “crazy mother” he tried to choke the life out of the security guard through the gates.

Throughout the movie he was questioned quite a few times by detectives about the murder of the three guys he killed. The detectives had even questioned his mother which caused her to stroke out. While sitting by his mother’s hospital bedside, he expressed how devastated he was after learning he’d been lied to his whole life. What he does next makes it’s hard for you to feel sorry for him and what he’s been through. Also keep in mind that he has been off his meds since the state closed down it’s mental health services. That doesn’t excuse him for becoming a murderer however, the movie makes you understand the chances of this becoming reality.

After everything he had been through, and all the wrong he had done, he felt like he had nothing else to live for. He started to see his life as nothing more than a joke, based on how he had been treated and lied to. He started to deal with his pain by hurting those who hurt him. He was even invited to the night show which was one of his biggest dreams. But after realizing that no one took him serious or believed in him.. he lost his passion for comedy.

Final Thoughts-

I really love this movie and how well put together it is. Even though it’s based on an origin from one of the comic DC characters, it’s story is one that needs to be told. Mental Illness is real and the conversation should never come to an end. There is a serious lack of compassion in society for those less fortunate. I’m an advocate for mental heath awareness and I highly encourage a strong spiritual connection with the most high. It all starts from the upbringing but it’s never too late to help those who suffer in silence. Like the saying goes, Just because I smile, doesn’t mean I’m happy.

The Visit, throwback movie review

By Felicia Webster

The Visit came to theaters in September, 2015. The thriller, horror and little bit of comedy, gives you second thoughts on spending time with grandparents. Written and directed by M. Night Shyamalan, who also gave us 2016, Split and 2019, Glass, starring James McAvoy and Samuel Jackson. The Visit tells a story of a mother who sends her two children to spend a vacation with their grandparents, whom they will meet for the first time. Unbeknownst to their mom, played by Kathryn Hahn, a lot has changed since the last time she laid eyes on her parents.

Shyamalan’s films are all on a somewhat similar style but unpredictable at the same time. The Visit gave us a more classic version, grandma and grandpa who kept audiences on the edge of their seats through riveting performances. This movie is one of his best films since 2002, Signs. Most modern day horror films are all about monsters and other powerful forces of evil. What makes M. Shyamalan’s creativity sticks out, is his ability to present a story line to something edgy and both, thrilling and scary at the same time.